When Strengths & Passions Meet

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“Our calling isn’t something we have to search for relentlessly; it’s sewn into who we are. As we recognize our strengths, we’ll uncover our passions. Where our strengths intersect our passions, therein lies our calling.” -Marcus Buckingham


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It’s been said that every story is either about an extraordinary person in an ordinary circumstance, or an ordinary person in an extraordinary circumstance. 

However, when it comes to theatre and live performance, our audience isn’t interested in making any such distinction. 

They made the time, they bought their ticket, and they made the trip, to see something extraordinary. 

Let’s not let them down.

To Just Do the Next Thing

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All in, I have completed over 15,000 performances of some sort since moving to Orlando. 

This is a fun exercise to do and here’s why: If someone had told me, “Rob, before you fill out all this paperwork and sign these contracts, you should probably know that you’ll be required to do 15,000 performances over the next few years.” 

I would have been hesitant for sure. 

But rather, my only responsibility was to rehearse and perform one show. Then rehearse and perform the one after that, and the one after that; to just do the next show, today, for this audience. 

Whatever line of work you’re in, there’s something you can measure that if you knew how much work it was going to be on the front end, how long it would take, you probably would have been hesitant to sign up. 

But that’s the thing for all of us: Just do the next thing. And every now and then look back and see just how many mountains you’ve climbed.

Twenty Minutes

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There’s something magical about the length of twenty minutes. 

Twenty minutes can be the starting line, the finish line, or simply a leg of the race. 

Everyone can find twenty minutes a day to devote to their something—their next thing. 

Writing. Reading. Memorizing. Composing. Drawing. Strengthening. Creating. 

All of it can start, finish, and be made better twenty minutes at a time. 

Try it. 

(It’ll just take twenty minutes.)

Dissension, The Lazy Label of

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One of the tell tale signs of a well functioning team is that its members hold each other accountable to any and all agreed upon expectations. 

When an organization or business sets lofty expectations for their employees and the treatment of their customers, it is absolutely the responsibility of every team member to hold each other accountable to the agreed expectations. 

After all, for many team members, it’s those lofty expectations that made them want to work there in the first place. 

When a lower level employee waves their red flag and says, “I thought we were supposed to be better than this.” It’s not dissension. It’s the opposite of dissension. It’s them following through on their role as a member of the team. (And isn’t that what you hired them to be?)

A Misleading Question 

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Why do we focus so much on what kids want to be and do when they grow up? It’s a misleading question. It insinuates something completely untrue about life. 

It insinuates that life is a destination. That life is about arriving. And more specifically, that life is about arriving at a profession, a job title, and a career. 

Life isn’t about arriving. We don’t stop learning when we get out of school. We don’t stop working when we get our first big career break. We don’t stop dreaming when we reach a milestone. We never stop imagining; we never stop growing; we never stop reaching, believing, creating. 

Life is a journey. 

I think we should change the question. Rather than asking “What do you want to be when you grow up?” we should ask a far more important question: “What do you want your life to look like?”

Excerpt from How’s Your Soul? by Judah Smith

Also Known As…

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One’s ability to hold multiple conflicting ideas in their head at one time serves two purposes. 

1. It’s a sign of maturity. 

2. They can pretty much get along with just about anyone.
(This is also known as empathy.)