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The Point of Humor…

Posted in A Note to Directors, Quotes on July 26, 2017 by RobALott

"There is no law that says humor has to make a point. Pure nonsense is a joy forever." -William Zinsser

When Strengths & Passions Meet

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“Our calling isn’t something we have to search for relentlessly; it’s sewn into who we are. As we recognize our strengths, we’ll uncover our passions. Where our strengths intersect our passions, therein lies our calling.” -Marcus Buckingham

A Misleading Question 

Posted in Got Me Thinkin', Quotes, Thoughts on Leadership on May 10, 2017 by RobALott

Why do we focus so much on what kids want to be and do when they grow up? It’s a misleading question. It insinuates something completely untrue about life. 

It insinuates that life is a destination. That life is about arriving. And more specifically, that life is about arriving at a profession, a job title, and a career. 

Life isn’t about arriving. We don’t stop learning when we get out of school. We don’t stop working when we get our first big career break. We don’t stop dreaming when we reach a milestone. We never stop imagining; we never stop growing; we never stop reaching, believing, creating. 

Life is a journey. 

I think we should change the question. Rather than asking “What do you want to be when you grow up?” we should ask a far more important question: “What do you want your life to look like?”

Excerpt from How’s Your Soul? by Judah Smith

Like Bread

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 “Theatre, like bread, must be made fresh every day.” -Alan Bruun


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“I have to explain something here. At that time back in the 70s, if a woman had her own show on TV and ‘spoke up,’ she would be labeled as a bitch, whereas if a man (such as Gleason, Berle, Caesar, etc.) did the same thing, he was labeled assertive, strong, smart etc. Hence, I seldom ruffled feathers. I would somehow find a way to ease into expressing an opinion and still be ‘ladylike,’ thus avoiding being a ‘bitch.’ For instance, when a particular sketch was ‘lacking,’ so to speak, instead of saying to the writers, ‘We have to fix this, it’s not funny,’ I would tap-dance around the criticism by saying, ‘Gosh, you guys, I don’t know what’s wrong with me today, but I’m having trouble making this work, can you help me?’ Yep, that’s how it was back then. At least, that’s how I was.” -Carol Burnett, In Such Good Company


Let’s think about this two ways. 

First, let’s not move backwards. This is still an issue, I know. So, let’s be part of the solution, not the problem. Guys, more often than not, the women we have surrounded ourselves with are smarter and far more intuitive than us. Don’t shut down a straight forward piece of feedback and label it as anything other than helpful. 

Second, I think we can take a note from her approach to making changes and finding fixes. It was her show. She was in charge. But instead of placing blame like so many who had come before, she took responsibility. THAT is assertive, strong, and smart.

The Time She Wanted to Kill the Director 

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“One time when I was a guest on a sitcom, I actually wanted to kill the director. This is why: The other actors and I were in the middle of a scene and the audience was howling with laughter. I mean we were definitely on a roll, when out of the blue, we hear from the director’a booth, ‘CUT!’—totally killing the momentum of the scene. We had no idea what had gone wrong. And then we found out. It seems a picture on the wall behind us was a bit crooked, and the stage manager was told to come out and straighten it! Lord!” 

In Such Good Company by Carol Burnett 

What’s New and Next

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“I invented nothing new. I simply assembled into a car the discoveries of other men behind whom were centuries of work… Had I worked fifty or ten or even five years before, I would have failed. So it is with every new thing. Progress happens when all the factors that make for it are ready, and then it is inevitable. To teach that a comparatively few men are responsible for the greatest forward steps of mankind is the worst sort of nonsense.” -Henry Ford

You are alive right now. You, you right there. You who are reading this. You are here, alive, right now, in this moment. 

Something new is coming. It’s inevitable. Maybe a good question to ask is:

In your lifetime, what has transpired in your collective knowledge and experience, who have you met, what did they teach you for you to make the next thing happen?

What’s new and next is coming. You might as well be the one to break the news to everyone what it’s going to be.