What To Do With Mistakes

I received an email a couple days ago from a notable organization letting me know of a service that was soon going to be available.

A few minutes later I received another email from the same organization saying they had made a mistake, the service was not yet available, and they apologized for the extra email and inconvenience.

Did I immediately distrust the organization?

No. On the contrary. I immediately trusted the organization more for quickly recognizing their mistake, owning it, and apologizing.

They didn’t try to cover it up with a “What we meant was…” email.

They didn’t wait to see if anyone would notice.

They didn’t try to spin it with a “No, you must have read it wrong. The misunderstanding is on your end…” email.

They recognized it, owned it, apologized for it, and now I trust them more because of it.


Avoid mistakes, absolutely.

But mistakes are going to happen. And like all matters of value, decide ahead of time how you’ll respond when a mistake is made.

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