Comedy: We Have a Choice

I do believe comedy is harder today than it was yesterday. And being funny tomorrow will be harder than it is today.

What audiences found funny yesterday can literally become offensive and unfunny over night.

As comedians, we have a choice:

We can continue fighting for what was once thought funny. We can claim the bit as classic and thus, timelessly funny. We can declare audiences to be overly sensitive. We can wave the flags of comedic theory and fight to educate audiences on why the bit should still be funny.


We can continue to look for what’s going to be funny tomorrow. We can challenge ourselves to find the funny, not only for today, but also tomorrow.

The first option is created.

It worked yesterday. It’ll probably work today. But it may not work tomorrow.

The second is creative.

It’s experimental. It may not work today, but keep tweaking. It just might work tomorrow.

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