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A Front Row Seat

Posted in Got Me Thinkin', Thoughts on Leadership on September 24, 2018 by RobALott

How can I show love today?

Where can I show sympathy and empathy?

How can I give action to my spoken values of generosity?

Answering and following through on these questions gets you a front row seat to the right side of history.

Playing Hurt

Posted in Disentangling Thoughts on Theatre, Got Me Thinkin', Nuts & Bolts Stuff, Thoughts on Leadership on September 17, 2018 by RobALott

In sports…

Your team and the fans will understand if you choose not to play while hurt.


If you still play while hurt, and you help the team win, you can actually be seen as a hero!


If you keep a team from winning because you played hurt, well, the team and the fans have little to no patience for that.


I bet there are a number of other places where this is true.


Posted in Disentangling Thoughts on Theatre, Nuts & Bolts Stuff on September 10, 2018 by RobALott

Outsmarting your audience can sometimes be the goal.


Outsmarting your scene partner…that’s pretty much never the goal.

Speed Reading Made Easy

Posted in Nuts & Bolts Stuff, Rob Recommends on September 3, 2018 by RobALott

Speed Reading Made Easy:

Read only the chapters that interest you. (It’s ok to have read a book and not have finished a book.)

Look for the quotation marks and read the quotes. (These are often the big ideas said more succinctly by someone else.)

Read only the first and last lines of paragraphs. (It is up to the author, not you, to catch and hold your attention. If the first line doesn’t draw you in for the rest of the paragraph, jump to the end and move on.)

Speed reading isn’t always necessary, but can often be helpful.