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The Problem with Supply & Demand

Posted in Creativity, Got Me Thinkin' on February 26, 2018 by RobALott

The problem with the idea of “Supply & Demand” is that we think Supply comes first.

We create and create and create Supply without checking to see if there’s much or any Demand.

Create demand (Psst. That’s vision.)

Then get working on supply.

I Would Never…

Posted in A Note to Directors, Thoughts on Leadership on February 19, 2018 by RobALott

“I would never ask you to do anything I wouldn’t do.”

Yep. That’s pretty good.

“I would never ask you to do anything I haven’t done.”

That’s better.

“I would never ask you to do anything I am not also doing.”


More Is Not Always The Answer

Posted in A Note to Directors, Got Me Thinkin', Thoughts on Leadership on February 12, 2018 by RobALott

In the early days of Saturday Night Live, Lorne Michaels was brought to the top of the NBC Building to meet with some NBC Executives. They had questions about some of the expansions to the budget and production timelines he had requested.

He explained how he felt that a further developed budget and an increase in the production timeline would help the show keep up with growing audience expectations. He feared the show was losing its edge, and was no longer the challenge to the writers, the cast, or the audience it had set out to be. Essentially, the show was on a collision course, Lorne felt, with mediocrity.

An NBC Executive leaned forward, “Let me explain something. You are contracted to produce an hour and a half of programming from 11:30 PM to 1:00 AM every Saturday night. That’s all. No where in your contract does it say that that hour and a half needs to be any good. It doesn’t. Relax. You’re working too hard.”

Lorne smiled and went back to work, but left the show shortly after that.

Here’s what I know:

More money isn’t always the answer.

More time isn’t always the answer.

But lowering the bar, racing to the bottom, decreasing expectation, these things aren’t always the answer either.

Rules of Rehearsal

Posted in A Note to Directors, Disentangling Thoughts on Theatre, Got Me Thinkin', Nuts & Bolts Stuff on February 7, 2018 by RobALott

They are theater traditions that have evolved out of necessity of creating a good (and practical) working atmosphere. Some people know them, some people don’t. It’s your job to keep them in play without seeming like a martinet.

1. When people are late, they apologize to the stage manager, the director, and, in extreme cases, the room.

2. People leaving a scene or needing to get to the other side try not to walk in front of where the director is working.

3. Actors should know their lines on the date assigned.

4. People not in the scene should not read or do their taxes in the room. It implies the action is boring.

5. Any offstage conversation should be whispered and short. And don’t run lines out loud.

6. Actors may not leave the general area without checking first with the stage manager.

7. No smoking, no cell phones, no elaborate meals.

8. Don’t direct on the breaks without asking permission. (“May I give you a note?”)

9. Be presentable, wash hair, wash you.

10. Introduce visitors.

Tips by Jon Jory

What would you add to this list?

Quality Takes Time

Posted in A Note to Directors, Disentangling Thoughts on Theatre, Got Me Thinkin', Nuts & Bolts Stuff, Thoughts on Leadership on February 5, 2018 by RobALott

If quality comes quickly, it’s only because you’ve just arrived and only now have you begun paying attention to the work that’s already been done.