To Just Do the Next Thing

All in, I have completed over 15,000 performances of some sort since moving to Orlando. 

This is a fun exercise to do and here’s why: If someone had told me, “Rob, before you fill out all this paperwork and sign these contracts, you should probably know that you’ll be required to do 15,000 performances over the next few years.” 

I would have been hesitant for sure. 

But rather, my only responsibility was to rehearse and perform one show. Then rehearse and perform the one after that, and the one after that; to just do the next show, today, for this audience. 

Whatever line of work you’re in, there’s something you can measure that if you knew how much work it was going to be on the front end, how long it would take, you probably would have been hesitant to sign up. 

But that’s the thing for all of us: Just do the next thing. And every now and then look back and see just how many mountains you’ve climbed.


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