Not Built to Finish

Saturday Night Live gets a lot of flack for not finishing their sketches well, for not having an ending. 

The thing is, finishing is not what they were built to do. Finishing a sketch with every question answered, every character fully fulfilled, and all plot lines finally complete has never been their mission. 

SNL is wired to start something new, to pursue a new idea, to show something from a different angle, to make us see something differently, and their mission is to make us laugh. Once they’ve done that, their job is over. 

Who cares how it ends? They certainly don’t. In fact, I think they wear it as a badge of honor. Once they’ve made their point and gotten the laugh, they just quit! And that should be ok with us. 

I want my doctor to have all the answers. I want my favorite journalist to finish the story. I rely on movies with great writers and directors to fully finalize all the plot lines, and not leave any holes. 

But Saturday Night Live, let’s take them off the hook when it comes to finishing. They are not marathon runners who are praised for the accomplishment of finishing. No, they are more like a five year old competing in a sack race at your company’s summer picnic. We don’t really care who wins or if they finish. In the end, for a brief moment, we were entertained. 

Not everyone or everything is meant to finish. Sometimes it’s the starters who enjoy the most success. 


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