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How to Deal with Jealousy

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“Jealousy is natural, but how you respond to it will prove your maturity as a leader.” -Brad Lomenick 

Want to diminish or potentially get rid of jealousy altogether? 

Celebrate your competitor’s success. 
Go out of your way to let them know how happy you are for them, and how proud you are of them. This, above all other methods and strategies, has killed the ugly head of jealousy in me. 

(Want to know when I’m jealous of you? There will be a sudden overflow of compliments, praise, and adulation from me to you. It’s all real. It’s all truthful. I mean all of it. But it’s all sparked by a small twinge of jealousy I’m desperately fighting to get in front of.)

Be Kind, Or Else…

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“Be kind to your costumers, your lighting techs, and your audio techs. Otherwise you’ll end up naked, in the dark, and no one will hear your screams.” -Tara Anderson

The Top Two Reasons You Should Make Nice with Your Stage Manager

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When you’re wrong, they can make you look right. 

(And when you’re right, they can make you look wrong.)

It’s Who We Are. It’s What We Do. 

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“There’s no people like show people. We smile when we are low.”

For many of us in Orlando, our job is to take our audience’s mind off their world and the world’s events. 

It is a noble profession. 
Let’s do it well today.

The Job of the Sixteen Bars…

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Is to get the callback. 

Don’t concern yourself with the latest and greatest brand new song. 

Don’t concern yourself with finding new material for every audition. 

Don’t concern yourself with vocal acrobatics that you can only sometimes get perfect. 

Don’t concern yourself with being surprising or shocking in hopes of being memorable. 

What do you sing well? What do you connect with? That’s your audition piece. 

If it gets you the callback, keep it in the front of your book.