Be Very Wary of this Untruth

I auditioned for a Christmas gig a number of years ago with a quartet of guys I had been singing with for a little under a year.  We were a new quartet and didn’t have many holidays tunes ready to go, except the songs we auditioned with.  Well, we got the gig and immediately started learning a solid ten to twelve Christmas tunes to have ready for our strolling act.  One of the songs was a beautiful, but challenging arrangement of O Holy Night.  We worked, and we worked, and we worked on this piece. It had some super tight harmonies, a number of important key changes that drove the song, and it challenged all of our ranges.  This was going to be our big closer for every set.  Surely, it would bring an unrivaled round of applause and a tear to everyone’s eye.

Do you know which song in our repertoire received the largest response?

Jingle Bells.

Be wary of the untruth that the thing you worked on the hardest and rehearsed the longest will also be the thing your audience will appreciate and enjoy the most.


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