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Be Very Wary of this Untruth

Posted in Uncategorized on September 21, 2015 by RobALott

I auditioned for a Christmas gig a number of years ago with a quartet of guys I had been singing with for a little under a year.  We were a new quartet and didn’t have many holidays tunes ready to go, except the songs we auditioned with.  Well, we got the gig and immediately started learning a solid ten to twelve Christmas tunes to have ready for our strolling act.  One of the songs was a beautiful, but challenging arrangement of O Holy Night.  We worked, and we worked, and we worked on this piece. It had some super tight harmonies, a number of important key changes that drove the song, and it challenged all of our ranges.  This was going to be our big closer for every set.  Surely, it would bring an unrivaled round of applause and a tear to everyone’s eye.

Do you know which song in our repertoire received the largest response?

Jingle Bells.

Be wary of the untruth that the thing you worked on the hardest and rehearsed the longest will also be the thing your audience will appreciate and enjoy the most.


Know Your Type

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You are far more likely to have consistent work if you know your type and audition accordingly.

This notion that if we audition for everything and keep ourselves in front of directors as often as possible is an old way of thinking and doesn’t work in the real world of casting.

Know your type. Know what you are good at. Know your strengths as an actor and audition to those things.

You’ll soon gain a reputation as an actor that is consistent and smart.

How do you know what your type is?


But, be honest with yourself first, and be prepared for the answer.

The type you wish to be and the type you are rarely interact with each other.

Ask your friends and colleagues what roles they think you would be good for. Ask directors, (outside and away from the audition room and no where near a rehearsal process) what roles in which they would cast you.

Learn and know your type.

Why So Many Quotes?

Posted in A Note to Directors, Quotes, Thoughts on Leadership on September 7, 2015 by RobALott

“I like all the stuff you post, but why so many quotes?”

Why do I post so many quotes? Because the people I’m quoting are far more credible than I’ll ever be.

When I Hear a New Melody

Posted in Creativity, Got Me Thinkin' on September 4, 2015 by RobALott

Sometimes when I hear a new melody that catches my attention I wonder if the great musicians and composers of the past were sitting up in heaven trading fours when one of them played something the others liked. Puccini would quickly jot it down and hand it to Gershwin to embellish it. Gershwin would then hand it to Gabriel, interrupting his conversation with Louis saying, “Here, this is good. Can you get this down there to one of the new guys.”