In Continual Pursuit of the Fresh and New

Go back and read the original text. Look for something you didn’t see before. 

Go back and read your notes from the first rehearsal. 

Step on stage with a new mission. 

Write a new back story. 

If the role is not original to you, do some research and see what others’ interpretations have been. 

Take a new route to the theater. 

Look for the person in the audience that needs your performance today. 

Play what-if. 



Read a book that challenges your art. 

Watch a movie that gives you new insight. 

Watch another performer or see another show that ignites and inspires you. 

Add to this list. 

Ask your fellow actors what their goals of your shared scenes are and work on new ways to achieve those goals. 


The little secret to longevity in theatre is not just good material, but rather the continued freshness with which it is presented.


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