Only Add Value

Most companies know they can not keep track and police everything that is said by their employees when it comes to social media. 

I do some work for one such company that knows it would be impossible to stay on top of everything that might be said by their employees on the ever growing tree of social networks. 

So, they have implemented a simple request:

“Only add value.”

Their social media policy is that all their employees only add value to their reaches of influence. 

Before clicking the post button, employees are urged to ask themselves, “Is what I am about to post, link, or share adding value?”

As artists, if our name and our ideas are the product, then as owners, what is our creative and productive policy around what we are putting out into the world?

What if we all made the commitment ahead of time, 

in our art, 

on our stages, 

in the direction we give, 

the performances we produce, 

the scenes we write, 

and the stories we tell, 

what if we decided, even before being asked, that our policy would be that we only add value?

How might that change things?


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