There’s A Reason They’re Called Classics

And you’ll never get in trouble for knowing them. 

Being in the know on the latest and greatest is fun. It’s fun to be up on the latest thing. It’s fun to be the first to like a Tweet, or to be among the first to share a video. I get it. “I liked this thing before you ever knew about it.” It’s a great person to be, and an intoxicating way to feel. 

But we can get so wrapped up in looking for the new that we forget to look back and recognize the established, the significant, and the time-tested. 

I organize my non-fiction books, not in title order or by author, but rather, in the order of the year they were published. 

This way, I can easily go from one end of the shelf to read the latest that everyone is talking about, then jump to the other end of the shelf to hear what an author may have said on the same subject twenty, fifty, or in some cases, a hundred years ago. 

It’s funny how the same ideas reemerge with new titles and chapter headings every generation or so. 

But it’s also fun to look back and see where those ideas started and how they have been perfected, or, thwarted over time. 

Take time for the classics. 

No one will fault you for it. 


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