Why I Wear Argyle Socks

I have an ever growing collection of argyle socks. It’s a somewhat silly thing to collect, I suppose. But I figure, (taking a note from Doc Brown) if I have to wear socks I might as well wear some with style.

While I do like the whimsical diamond pattern and the timeless style it implies, there’s a somewhat secret but very real reason I wear argyle socks.

(Don’t tell anyone. Let’s try and keep this between us.)

I wear argyle socks because, as the legend goes, Walt Disney wore argyle socks.

Let’s be clear. I’m not looking to emulate Mr. Disney’s fashion sense. It’s bigger than that.

It is undeniable the outstanding effect Walt Disney and what would become the Walt Disney Company has had on the world.

His dedication to excellence and a continual effort to do the next thing, whatever that may have been, is legendary.

So, when I’m in a creative meeting, or a production meeting, or a rehearsal that’s not going necessarily well, it’s often in those moments that a splash of color will show itself peeking out from just above my shoe.

It’s a quick reminder to keep going, to ignore the setbacks, to keep my bar high, to ask good questions, to challenge myself and those around me to find what’s next and to execute that thing the best way we know how.

That’s why I wear argyle socks.

Do you have a symbol, a reminder, a built in nudge that keeps you on track?


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