On Taking The Note

King Solomon, said to be the wisest man who ever lived, wrote these words:

Correct the simple and they won’t get you.
Correct the foolish and they’ll ignore you.
Correct the mocker and they will hate you.
Correct the wise and they will thank you.

(Paraphrased a bit.)

What is your response to correction? What is your response to notes and feedback?

If your response is like that of the simple—as in, you just don’t get it—don’t worry. It’s not your fault. Do take the notes and apply them. You don’t need to understand the correction in order to apply it. It’s up to the one giving the feedback to teach you and help you understand. Experience will eliminate our simple lack of understanding over time.

Is your response like that of the foolish? Do you ignore the feedback? It’s because you know better, right? Yeah. We’ve all shared the stage with someone who ignores their notes and direction. And we know what we think of those artists. Is that who you want to be?

Surely, your response is not like that of the mocker. Surely, you don’t mock the notes and feedback with the rest of the cast in the dressing room away from your stage management and director. And surely you don’t mock the direction you’ve been given when you’re out for drinks with your buddy after rehearsal. Surely you don’t do that. Yeah, I don’t either.

There’s a very real reason why the standard and most acceptable response to a note is simply “Thank you”. It’s respectful. It does not waste time. It does not allow for excuses.

It’s the sign of the wise.

The trick is joining the few, the wise, who are able to truly accept the correction, the note, the direction, and respond with a genuine “Thank you”.

(Proverbs 9 btw)


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