The Silent Partner

I shudder whenever someone refers to actors, singers, dancers, or musicians as “The Talent”. As though those are the only jobs that require skill or an understanding of the artistry of theatre.

Spend any time around a theater and you’ll see pretty quickly who runs the show. (Hint: it’s not the directors, designers, or the producers, and it’s certainly not “the talent”.)

The stage manager and production crew – this is the team that makes it all work.

The truly great ones see themselves as fellow artists and they consider their work to be just as based in their skill, talent, and artistry as do those seen on stage.

What’s unfortunate is how thankless their job can be. These artists work hard and consider it all a success when their work goes completely unnoticed by the audience.

When the curtain opens, is the scene it’s opening on sad or suspenseful? If the curtain opens too fast it’ll ruin the mood.

Does the scene end happy and energetic? If the curtain closes too slowly then all momentum will be lost. The artist pulling the curtain understands this and they know the equal importance of their role to play.

They are our silent partners.

As one of my directors once said, “Be kind to your lighting techs, your costumers, and your audio techs. Otherwise, you’ll end up naked in the dark and no one will hear your screams.”


One Response to “The Silent Partner”

  1. kevin foster Says:

    Thank you!I I needed to read that tonight.Your one of the actors that gets it.Your also one that never phones it in.You give 100% everytime your onstage.I usually will spot a child or adult eating up everything you throw at them.They lose themselves in the show and what you do everyday.We provide an escape for them and give them memories that last a lifetime.
    How fortunate we all are to be paid for what we do!

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