Why I Read

It’s not because I love it.

Reading itself is not relaxing to me. It’s work. It’s focused and intentional work.

The reason I read is simple.

It’s my competitive advantage.

I heard once that if I read five books on any one subject, I would be an expert on said subject.

(Note, that’s actually not true at all. The truth is, or at least it’s been my experience, that the more I read on a subject, the more I learn I don’t know about it.)

However, the insight I have gained from the books I have read, and the ability to view a problem from all sides and see more than one potential outcome, that, is my competitive advantage.

I believe reading is a terribly inefficient form of communication. In a fast paced world of Blinkist, keynote speeches, 140 character points, and eighteen minute (or less) TED Talks, reading has got to be the the most inefficient way to consume content.

But maybe…

that’s the point.

When I read, I have to take my time. I have to focus. I can’t multitask. I must pay attention and hear the voice in my head tell me something I didn’t already know.

And then,

I can know it.

And after I have seen it written and heard it read, then I have the words to articulate it and export these new thoughts and ideas to others.

It’s my competitive advantage.

That’s the secret and that’s the truth of why I read.

Do you read?

Why do you read?

What’s your competitive advantage?


One Response to “Why I Read”

  1. Lois Brown Says:

    reading is my reward for living…

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