Why I Write

I continue to see a growing gap between leadership and creativity in the arts and theatre.

In some cases,

the creatives are being asked to lead. So they jump in with absolute passion and ambition but with little to no training, and they crash hard.

While the trained leaders are being asked to be creative, so they surround themselves with creative people without knowing how to get the best out of them, thus they lose influence and gain enemies.

In other cases,

the creative artist resists their role as leader for fear of it impeding their style, fear of needing to say “no”, and fear of appearing power hungry and un-collaborative.

While the established leader resists their responsibility to be creative due to a history of plans not being solid and certain, a history of collaboration being expensive and too time consuming yielding little to no results, and a history of feeling like nothing is being completed. So they resign themselves to doing things the way they’ve always been done, thus doing away with creativity altogether.

Leadership and creativity have a difficult time meeting in the gap. And they often become frustrated with each other thinking it’s the other’s responsibility to build a bridge.

However, on the occasion when the two intersect it is a sweet spot for great work to happen.

Creativity needs great leadership.

And leadership needs great creativity.

What if we agreed to eliminate the gap? What if we saw leadership and creativity not as adversaries, but as partners in a well functioning intersection?

This is why I write.

I don’t know all there is to know about leadership and creativity, but I promise to continue to share all that I am learning. I don’t assume I could ever fill your cup, but I will always strive to empty mine.


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