Rob Recommends: Now, Discover Your Strengths

In 2001 a Marcus Buckingham & Dr. Donald Clifton launched a book that intended to start a revolution, “The Strengths Revolution”.  I was introduced to this book and its ideas in 2007 and it truly changed my life.  Now, I’m passing it on to you.


We are excellent at talking about our weaknesses.  Every year we have our year-end-review where we spend five minutes talking about the things we did well this year, and then we finish by spending fifty-five minutes talking about our “areas of opportunity”.  What if that was reversed?  What if we spent the majority of our time working in, and developing our strengths?  And what if we could find a way to hand off our weaknesses to those that could own them as strengths?

This book gave me the tools to do just that!

Now, Discover Your Strengths


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