It’s Not Always About You…

…most of the time, it’s about me.

Recently I received some feedback that some of my posts are overly ranty and opinionated and can come off as preachy.

I get that.

Really, I do.

Here’s the thing though:

When my name and picture appears next to a quote, or a link, or a thought, it’s not because I want you to share the same opinion, or that I’m suggesting how you should live your life, but rather it’s an integrity mechanism that keeps me personally honest and on track.

I’m an idealist. When given the option, I always want to choose trust, positivity, and improvement. But, there are moments, and days, and seasons, that my words and actions don’t reflect that. So, I share my values and beliefs regularly and publicly so that when my life does not add up and mirror all that I have said, those who are closest to me can call me on it.

Please understand, I am not asking you to agree with all that I post.

Typically, when I share something, it’s because I found it interesting, it’s an opinion with which I agree, it made me laugh, or it’s just how I feel.

It’s not always about you. Most of the time, it’s about me.


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