The Likability Factor

“Nothing is more important as a likable narrator. Nothing holds a story together better.” -Ethan Canin

If all of us are story tellers, on stage, in our art, in life, that would make all of us the narrator. Even if only for a moment.

For our moments of narration, why would we not want to be likable? Why would we not want our audience to like us as we continue the story along?

Sometimes the roles we play call for difficult conversations. Hard conversations that have the potential to make enemies. Enemies with the other characters in the story, and enemies with the audience. Sometimes our characters need to use strong words and tough language to make their point, make a change, and continue the story. Even in these instances, can we still strive to be likable? Our audience will be with us and in some cases even root for us if we are.

Find your likability factor and use it at every opportunity. Your story is depending on it.


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