Fix It and Move On

A note to Directors:

Keep your rehearsals moving and on task.

Don’t waste time demonstrating how you don’t want things done. As though a scene not going well isn’t bad enough the first time through, reenacting everything you didn’t like a second time only prolongs the suffering for all involved.

At best you might get a quick laugh from the amateurs, and at worst your over dramatization could come off as bullying.

Simply show the cast where the scene got off track, and then show them where and how to fix it. Maybe run the scene one more time with the changes and fixes.

Then move on.


3 Responses to “Fix It and Move On”

  1. I agree mostly. Mocking is never the intention. However, sometimes I will demonstrate whats wrong in contrast with what is correct to illustrate the difference. Keep up the blog. Great work.

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