A Watched Pot…


“A watched pot never boils.” -My Grandma

Of course this isn’t scientifically true. We know that if the water is on and the heat is up, it will eventually boil.

But have you ever watched a pot and waited for it to boil? It does seem to take forever!

However, we all know that if you busy yourself with something else for a bit, miraculously the water is boiling before you know it!

When we as directors and coaches watch an artist rehearse and perform too much and for too long, continuously keeping them under the magnifying glass of our notes and feedback, it takes forever for their performance to heat up.

Give them the tools they need. Turn up the heat. Then step away.

When an artist has the opportunity to rehearse on their own for a bit, or to work in front of an audience that doesn’t know exactly how the show is supposed to go — the pressure is off. They can relax and begin to truly work on their performance. But if they are always under your watchful eye, well…you can stare at their performance for as long as you like. It’s never going to boil.


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