Who’ll Take the Credit?

Throwback Thursday…

Rob A. Lott

I spent a good amount of time in shopping malls last month.  There never seemed to be a shortage of performers vying for my attention, certain they were what was missing from my holiday cheer.  Most of the choirs, and dance troupes, and hand bell choirs were fine.  A few were good.  A smaller few were very good.

But one was absolutely, how do I say this…awful.  Just terrible.  It was clear that being in the dance troupe that season was more about a trip to Orlando than it was about dedication to the art.

Now, I come from a smallish town.  A town that, while it certainly appreciated the arts, wasn’t always all that good at it.  So, I have a soft spot for small town performing arts groups.  I was taught, “the smaller the band, the louder you cheer.”  But this, well…I was having a hard time with…

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