Should I Stay or Should I Go?


The Push

You know the art you are making is important. And because of this, some will stand and cheer, while others will begin to speak up and demand that you keep quiet, to stop doing what you are doing. They will begin their slow Push to move you and your art out.

Do not succumb to this Push. Weigh carefully if this is the time to go. This might be the time to stand strong. So many times, because of the noisy critics, it would be so much easier to throw your hands up in the air and walk away. Don’t. This is the time to have the courage to stay and keep doing what you are doing.


Sometimes the Push is from within. You hear the cheers, but inside you know you are no longer in your sweet spot. You are no longer able to challenge yourself or your art. And with a whisper from within, the slow Push begins.

The Pull

Then sometimes, for any number of reasons — the quality of your work, the questions you have asked, the way you have carried yourself — you may be approached by other leaders and artists to leave what you are doing, to come alongside them, and to join their tribe. You have something to contribute to their art and they have a place for you. Thus begins the slow (or very fast) Pull.

But the Pull could also come from within. You know you are ready for something new. Maybe to go it alone for a while. Maybe to try something you’ve always known you’d be good at. Or to throw all you’ve got at the project to which you’ve only been able to give nights and weekends.

Do take some time and listen to the Pull.

Loyalty is often an easy out, (“They’ve invested so much in me.”, “Everyone’s counting on me.”) however now might be the time for the courage to go and start something new. (No need to burn bridges. Just start a conversation.)

The Glorious Push And Pull

It is difficult to recognize and truly weigh the pros and cons of the Push or the Pull by themselves. We advise ourselves as to how much easier it would be to stay, or what a relief it would be to go. But every now and then, the choice is made clear. There is a distinct Push and a distinct Pull – at the same time. A Push from where you are, and a Pull to where you want to be.

This is an amazing gift.

Standing your ground against the Push will make you stronger.

While, allowing yourself to be Pulled will stretch you.

There is value in paying attention to (and ignoring) both.

When the clarity of both a Push and a Pull presents itself, don’t be caught indecisive. Make your move.

A couple of questions:

Are you being pushed?

Is there also a pull?

Are you feeling a pull?

Is there also a push?

Still confused?
Me too.


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