Is Luck Truly Pure?


“‘Well, I was just lucky.’ When you say that, you disrespect all the people that made you who you are.” -Tim Sanders

There is a lot of talk in our community about luck being the cause of success. And even more talk about being in the right place at the right time for success to take hold.

Some of that comes from the voices of the successful as a misguided way to maintain humility.

Some of it comes from the jealous voices of those who do not yet see themselves as successful, and are looking for answers to the perceived overnight success.

Either way, 100% of the time, work, not luck, was the cause that had the effect of success.

Good luck in gambling can result in winning. But winning is different than success.

Being in the right place at the right time might make you the millionth customer, but no one will count that as your success.

Don’t lean on the crutch of luck. Not as a cause. Not as an effect. You will do yourself a disservice and insult everyone who has worked with you along the way.

The work. The daily chipping away at your craft. Nothing more and nothing less. That’s what will ultimately lead to your success.


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