Sleep Later

“There will be time to be tired later.  Right now, we have work to do.”   This is the philosophy I heard over lunch from a very accomplished artist and leader.  “There will always be time to sleep later.”

Understand he was not condoning a lack of sleep, nor was he proposing a life of not taking care of yourself.  After more than fifty decades of contributing his art to the world, this man has more energy to get things done than most twenty year olds I know.  What he was referring to was using your sleepiness as a crutch in your leadership.

No one is energized by a sleepy leader.  Everyone is tired.  Therefore no one is impressed with a tired leader who uses their sleepiness as an excuse for not getting things done, for snapping at others, or for not paying attention.

John Maxwell says, “The best thing you can bring to your team is your energy.”

So, you are tired.

Drink some coffee.  Get up and take a walk.  Go for a run!  Take a short nap.  Eat an apple.  Do something.  Because no one really cares that you are tired.

You are the leader.  There will be time to rest later.  For now,  right now, you have work to do!



Thanks to Derric Johnson for the inspiration for this post.                                           “Have a great day!  It’s a great day to have!”


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