Just Look Up

You are standing downstage of a closed act curtain. The director has asked you to exit through the curtain when you are finished with your speech. Unfortunately, he forgot to ask the stage manager to ask a stage hand to page the curtain for you.

So there you are.  On-stage, but finished.  About to do the never graceful, always embarrassing, dance with the curtain to find your way off-stage.  
How to avoid this all too common scene: Instead of searching the curtain for its opening (which was designed and built to go unseen until ready), simply look up into the fly space. There you will clearly see an upstage track and a downstage track for the curtain, thus revealing its separation point. 
That’s it. 
Rob, that wasn’t much of a blog post. 
You say that now, but wait until you have found yourself downstage of a closed curtain at the end of your speech.  Just you wait. 

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