How To Get In The Way

GrandCentral Station

I spend a lot of time navigating through crowded spaces. I actually seek it out. I love the energy of always crowded and always moving.

It didn’t take me long to learn to spot the path of least resistance. It might not be the straightest, most effecient path, but it is the path I can move most quickly through.

I’ve been doing this for so long now, spotting an open path and quickly slipping into it has become second nature. I have recognized a strategy for creating paths of least resistance.

The person moving with the most momentum will have the least resistance.

Try this the next time you are in a crowded airport, a mall, or Grand Central Station.

Move with confidence and purpose. Know where you are going, and begin to walk. No need to run. Just walk with a firm destination in mind. And watch how your path clears. People will see you coming, sense your momentum, and step aside. Or if they are headed in your same direction, they will slip in right behind you and begin to follow, taking advantage of your cleared path.

Don’t have a destination in mind? That’s ok. The people in your way don’t need to know that. Just keep moving.

But notice, as soon as you start to second guess your steps, people will begin to crowd your path. You will either be crowded by those with less momentum, or moved out of the way by those with more.

A couple things to keep in mind…

Moving through a crowd solo is easy once you’ve mastered this principle. However, add just one or two more people, and the path becomes vastly more difficult to manage. An easy remedy is to communicate where you plan to take the group. Then, they’ll be able to move with you and with your same confidence. If for some reason someone gets separated, since they know where you and the group are going, they’ll probably be able to find their own path and meet you at the destination.

Also, when two people with solid momentum fail to see the other coming, the outcome is rarely good. Do keep an eye out for those with their own momentum, forging their own path.

Sorry. This week’s post was supposed to be about leadership. But I got carried away with this navigating through Grand Central Station thing…sorry ’bout that.


One Response to “How To Get In The Way”

  1. This post IS about leadership… just sayin’.

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