The Willing, The Skilled, and The Passionate

“No matter what accomplishments you make, someone always helps you.” -Althea Gibson

We all need help.

I write the body of this blog on my own. But only after lots of conversations with my wife, my friends, and my family, all of whom I trust very much.

And I do lots and lots of reading.

Only then, after all that discussion and inspiration and influence, do I feel ready to start writing.

And even then, I’ll have someone (usually Kate) take a look at it before I post.

As artists we must continually be looking for those that can help us. Not to take advantage, but rather just because we need help!

There are three kinds of people that will help you: The willing, the skilled, and the passionate.

The Willing: These are the people who respond to a sign-up sheet or a plea for volunteers. They don’t have much else going on, so they are more than happy to help you. I make fun a little, but truly, willingness is the essential ingredient to attain someone’s help. How valuable that help can be is determined by the next two.

The Skilled: These are the people that know how to do something that you don’t yet know how to do, or they know how to do it better. When you want to move your art to the next level, or you want a result beyond your abilities, you’ll need the help of the skilled.

The Passionate: This is the part that can’t be taught and it can’t be asked for. We all have passion for what we are working on. But we can’t do it alone. We need others to come alongside us and share in the passion to get the thing done.

Help can and will come from any one of these areas. However, as soon as you start mixing and matching any two out of the three, the value of the help will multiply greatly.

It’s been my experience that help that runs on just one or two of these remains just that. Help. Whereas, help that runs hot on all three often becomes a partnership.

If you find it, hold onto it and don’t let go!


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