What’s Right?

“If your only skill set is to look around and see what’s wrong, I think you just might have a worthless skill set.” -Matt Chandler

 It doesn’t take too much discernment to point out what’s not working and comment on it.
It’s easy to feel smart by pointing out a problem no one else saw.
(We call these people theatre critics.) 
Discovering solutions is actually the result of intelligence. 
As creatives, while it is important to have the strength to cut what’s not working, it also takes a great deal of skill to look at what is working, discover why, and apply these findings to the areas that need the work. 
Ask yourself: If I liked something about this, what would I like?

One Response to “What’s Right?”

  1. menbuildingbridges Says:

    Thank you so much for putting thoughts to word. I’d rather be known for compassion, empathy, encouragement & love in deed than anything else. Being so far from perfect sometimes awareness of this is all I may have when I do fail. It’s still a start. Thank you for the light.

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