Have You Bought What You Are Selling?

Have we, as artists, bought what we are selling?

Do we know what else is out there?  Are we paying attention?  And then, actually, really, truly buying?

A friend of mine just got back from seeing a bunch of Broadway shows.  He raved about each of them.

Shortly after he got back, I had the opportunity to see him in a role I had seen him perform a number of times before.  But this time was different.  His performance was stronger, more engaged, and held more impact.

He saw what else was out there.  He saw what we can do.  And it made him better.  He had the opportunity to buy for himself what he would eventually get to sell.

When someone argues that they don’t have time to see another’s work, or they don’t have the money, or the worst one of all, they don’t want their work to be tainted by someone else’s vision.  Not only do I not buy it, but I just can’t get behind it.

Seeing what else is out there makes us stronger.  It makes us better.  It inspires and motivates us.  It gives us a mark to aim for…

…or to aim against.

Can you compete?  Do you need to up your game?  Or, should you raise your ticket price?

I believe every time you experience someone else’s work, you’ll be better equipped to answer these questions.


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