Just Start

“Just start.  That’s all you have to worry about…starting.  Get away from your computer, grab a note pad and a pencil, and just go write.  Anything you want.  Just play.  Doodle.  Whatever.  Okay?” -Jeff, [Title of Show]

More and more I’ve been feeling the strain of guilt for not starting.  It’s an integrity issue, really.  I get an idea.  I have a thought.  And that’s that.  That’s where it stays.  That’s where it lives, and eventually, where it dies.  A perfectly good idea.  A perfectly good thought.  Unrealized.  Unsaid.  Unshared.  Unshipped.  Ball dropped.  So as I said, it’s an integrity thing for me.

I heard this question asked recently,

“Whose idea was it to build a place where parents and kids could have fun together?”  As the answer was blurted out by a well trained audience (“Walt Disney!”), it suddenly struck me…

We don’t know.

Of course, we know who acted on the idea.  But we don’t know who had the idea first.

“My great uncle invented the clipboard.  Well, not really.  But he did always complain about not having a portable writing surface.” -Jeremy, Sports Night

How many ideas have come and gone with no action?  How many insights have gone unshared for whatever reason?

Again, we don’t know.

So here’s the thing…

Just start.

That’s all we have to worry about.


(I know…I know…but start anyway.)


One Response to “Just Start”

  1. Robb, just now catching up on your blog. It’s wonderful. Thanks for starting.

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